Author about himself

Zbigniew Chrostek

Cycles of my paintings are created over years. I come back to many themes,
as I still have the impression that I have not exhausted the subject or portrayed
the most important one of all. Besides, over the years the mentality changes,
some features soften, others sharpen as eyesight after putting on spectacles.
Generally, with age, we get distant and with the routine we lose a bit of temperament,
which does not exclude, I hope, expressiveness. I think that
the immanent feature of my works is a certain silence. Unstimulated silence,
subconsciously suspended in the space of the image like an expression of uncertainty
‘’a question mark’’. This is my concise commentary to the material
world, but in its borderlands, where sensuality meets some abyss, which I can
not define without reference to mythological spirituality.
Travels, especially to the Mediterranean zone, left a permanent mark on my paintings.
Now, that I live almost in the countryside, I have limited access to many goods.
I enjoy the tranquillity of the province’s life, which still amazes me.
Sometimes I miss the cities I used to live in, especially Wroclaw, the best of all.
But Gdansk is also important to me. Zakopane has changed a lot since my teenage
years. Even the mountains seem to be different and “not mine” under
the constant and heavy siege of tourists. Finally, my small homeland, cultural
and genetic heritage – Upper Silesia is quite distant for me due to the mist that
is shrouding the memory of my childhood. I am re-discovering Katowice again,
as a modern metropolis, but I do not feel at home there. I wonder if I feel like
“at home” anywhere. Certainly not. I am a type of nomad, who will arrange
something anywhere, but will not necessarily want to stay there forever.
„Counterpoint” – the main motive of this cycle is a rotten concrete breakwater
used by sea birds as a lodge, a grandstand of honour, a place of observation,
reflection… maybe some animalistic reflection.
„Spectra” – a cycle inspired by the wrecks of ships, gunboats, aircrafts…
Earthly remains consumed by sea salt, abandoned on shoals, with an intangible
memory after themselves.
„Barren” – a cycle that largely results from previous visions. Equally unnecessary
things, still aesthetic, though often neglected and abandoned. For the painter,
still useful and full of content…
„Waves” – disturbing, seductive energy, bad senses from seismic zones…
„Architectural landscape” – mostly next to the main street and the hustle and bustle,
more in the alley, outbuilding, sometimes over the heads of passers-by, where people
rarely see, or in general, and the view is known only to pigeons and homeless cats.
„States of Consciousness”