Painter, sculptor was born in 1958 in Katowice. He graduated Antoni Kenar’s
High School of Arts in the field of Sculpture in Zakopane and the Academy of Fine
Arts in Gdańsk in the field of Sculpture, in studios of professor Adam Smolana
and professor Sławoj Ostrowski.
In the years 1986-2003 he was living in Wrocław, where in 1989 he opened
an author’s gallery and a painting conservation studio in the Old Town.
Since 2004 he has been the commissar of the National Art Openers
with the participation of eminent artists, mainly associated with academic
Since 2008 he started teaching sculpture, painting and drawing at the High
School of Art in Gronowo Górne near Elbląg.
He organized over 30 individual exhibitions in well-known Polish galleries,
also in Germany and Switzerland.
Every year, he takes part in many group exhibitions, painting festivals, charity
auctions and post-open-air exhibitions.