Sculpture is a big subject. It is not enough just to have vision,
small amounts of paint and a quiet corner to work in.
Sculpture, especially the monumental one, is a complicated logistic
undertake, requiring professional technical knowledge, dexterity
in handling tools and devices, as well as assistance of many people
from other industries, for example construction, transport or metallurgy.
You need the most ordinary physical strength and patience. Above all,
the most important feature of a sculptor is the sense of his spatial ability
in third dimension. Balance, dynamics, division, weight, proportions
and relationships of individual blocks… these and other categories
are hidden under the surface, which is also under special attention,
but it is only the top cover of the sculpture.
Despite of solid education and considerable experience, I do not deal
with sculpture on a daily basis but it is painting that is my main passion.

More important sculptural realizations

  • figures for the rainbow’s beam to the church in Wola Justowska in Kraków
    Kraków 1987, linden wood, polychrome, gilding, height 120 cm
  • bas-relief in honour of those murdered in the Eastern Borderlands
    Elbląg Cathedral 2006, cast iron, 100 x 90 cm
  • figure of the eagle on the monument of the Polish Underground State
    Elbląg 2007, bronze, height 100 cm
  • monument to the patron of the city, Saint Catherine of Alexandria
    Dzierzgoń 2014, bronze, height 235 cm
  • Memorial plaque for the 60th anniversary of the school IV L. O. w Elblągu, 2007, bronze, 50 x 80 cm